Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing Erotica Author Dawn Robertson

She is sassy. She is a free spirit. And above all, she is damn hysterical.

Debut Novel coming in 2014.

If there is one thing Seven James is good at, it's hiding her scars-- especially the ones left behind from heartbreak and her unhappy childhood. But though she hides the pain, she can't forget when Daniel Alexander walked out of her life. 

Levi Connor is a gorgeous unattached playboy making his way through the Manhattan singles scene. A chance meeting at a bar makes him question his single lifestyle for the first time ever, as he aches to chase the petite, tattooed brunette who caught his eye. But the next day, when she walks into the board room and tramples his boss, he wonders if all hope is lost. 

Five years, and a booming career later, Seven finds herself in a position to crush Daniel--through a corporate takeover. But will a complicated one night stand with Levi ruin her payback?