Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Name That Novella Contest

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house... The fucking batshit crazy characters from Hers & Finding Willow are trying to get along and have a nice quiet family Christmas.

Luckily for my readers, it is a lot easier said than done.

With the success Hers has had in the last twelve days, and the fact that Finding Willow is almost completely finished. I decided I am going to write you a Christmas Novella of the holidays with your favorite crazies.

But here is my problem...

I don't know what the fuck to call it! I am drawing a blank. So this is where you come in! I need your help naming the Christmas Novella. I can give you a couple hints.

  • There will be lots of sex. Like always.
  • More Seven & Levi
  • You will get to see Star & her new love interest.
  • There will be a brand spanking new couple (who aren't supposed to be a couple at all) coming into the mix. 
  • Lots of drama.
That is all I can say.

Comment below with your submission (Title which NEEDS to be witty, maybe a good pun, and will pass through Amazon's new tight-ass screening!)  Also please include your email address IN the comment so I can easily contact you!

IF any of the titles get picked, the winner will get a RARE and limited edition (fuck up) proof copy of Hers. Signed by yours truly. I only have TWO of these available, one of which I am KEEPING. So there will only be ONE floating around in the universe, and it COULD be yours!

Happy naming! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Enter to Win Goodies from Seven's Toy Closet!

Hers has been out for a little over 48 hours. I am completely floored by the success. I not only hit #32 in Erotica on Amazon, but I also made it into the top 1,000 paid books in the Kindle store.

That shit is completely unreal, I am still on the edge of my seat.

To celebrate the release... Seven decided to drop by and give me some toys from her infamous toy closet for a mega giveaway. Aren't you excited? I know I am!

I will be posting a picture of the basket this week, when I finally get around to buying a pretty basket for it to all go inside. Until then, You are going to have to use your imagination!

Inside Seven's gift basket is...

Duel Action Rabbit Vibrator
Elegant Glass Dildo
2 Fuzzy Ticklers
Oooooh Orgasm Gel
Personal lubricants
Toy Cleaner (for all you good girls)
Nipple Nibblers
A "Get you there" Bullet
Anal Beads 

and a couple XXX surprises!


If you have purchased a copy of Hers, you also have the opportunity to gain 10 more entries my FWD'ing your e-mail receipt! 

*Also!  For those who have been asking for paperbacks! I am hoping to have them back by the first week of November! I will keep you all posted!

Now, for the giveaway!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Live on Amazon

I did it. I weathered the storm. I spent months waiting for this day, and it is here. Finally.
Many people had told me how long it takes for a book to load onto Amazon, so last night after I got my tattoo on, I decided to have a drink and click the publish button.

I would be a liar if I said I didn't stay up past midnight pretending that Amazon was somehow going to expedite my book to the front of the line. I get it, I am naive. Its cute though, right?

So I passed out, and I woke up to a live book. I am pretty damn shocked actually. I figured if I hit publish last night, I would have it up over the weekend sometime. I was wrong.

How do I feel right now?

With a little side of...

Never mind, I totally lied. I am nervous as all shit. I am half way into a full blown anxiety attack, and should be breathing into a bag. It is done, and there is nothing I can do now.

I can promise that Hers will be up on Nook within the next couple days. I am waiting for them to approve the file, which took almost a week for my friend AJ when she published a couple weeks ago. But do people really buy books through the Nook store? 

Download Hers on Amazon

Oh, and if you have a minute, check out the reviews, and ratings over on Goodreads. The bloggers have been eating it up!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Teaser & Hers News!

I just wanted to give everyone a little bit of information for the upcoming release of Hers. I had scheduled everything for Halloween, I love the holiday and 10/31 seemed like a pretty good day to release a book. Plus, it is my late Grandmother's birthday.

Things change, and with everything completed and the book itself just chillin' on my desktop. I decided I would give in to my fans on Facebook, and release early.

The new release date for Hers is, Monday 10/14.

Thank you for the support!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday's Scavenger Hunt Teaser

Each day this week, I am releasing a brand new teaser leading up to a huge announcement on Friday. Stay tuned!

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