Friday, October 11, 2013

Live on Amazon

I did it. I weathered the storm. I spent months waiting for this day, and it is here. Finally.
Many people had told me how long it takes for a book to load onto Amazon, so last night after I got my tattoo on, I decided to have a drink and click the publish button.

I would be a liar if I said I didn't stay up past midnight pretending that Amazon was somehow going to expedite my book to the front of the line. I get it, I am naive. Its cute though, right?

So I passed out, and I woke up to a live book. I am pretty damn shocked actually. I figured if I hit publish last night, I would have it up over the weekend sometime. I was wrong.

How do I feel right now?

With a little side of...

Never mind, I totally lied. I am nervous as all shit. I am half way into a full blown anxiety attack, and should be breathing into a bag. It is done, and there is nothing I can do now.

I can promise that Hers will be up on Nook within the next couple days. I am waiting for them to approve the file, which took almost a week for my friend AJ when she published a couple weeks ago. But do people really buy books through the Nook store? 

Download Hers on Amazon

Oh, and if you have a minute, check out the reviews, and ratings over on Goodreads. The bloggers have been eating it up!

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  1. Hysterical! Love it! I'm halfway thru and it's nothing short of Amazing!