Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Gave Away My Baby

Yesterday I sat down at my laptop, and e-mailed out advanced copies of Hers to a ton of bloggers. In
the end, I think I sent something like 70 e-mails. (And I still have more to send out but Google started marking my emails as spam. Damn you google!)

But the worst part of it all is the fact that I am sitting here in radio silence waiting to hear back from the bloggers and see what they think.

Are they going to love, Hers?
Are they going to fucking hate it?
Are they going to slam me to the high heavens?
Is Dawn Robertson going to be the worst author in the history of indie romance?
The new laughing stock of the indie community.

Contrary to popular belief, with my cool and tough exterior... I am a hot mess on the inside.

I feel like I just handed my newborn baby over to a bunch of strangers who is going to tell me she has a funny looking nose, or her lips are too big. Seriously.

I am sure this is all part of the process, but my nerves are going to kill me over the next couple weeks.

In other exciting news, Hers is officially back from the editor. Meaning, once the formatting is finished... it will be heading onto Amazon.

In fact, I already started adding it into KDP for Amazon. Next will be working on the paperback formats. Of course Hers isn't going to publish until October 31st, but knowing I have all my ducks in a row in time has lessened my anxiety by like, ten fold.

Oh what else?

Next week I am working with a group of awesome blogs including Love Between the Sheets, Stephanie's Book Reports, Seductive Romance Reviews, Read Love Blog, Mary Elizabeth's Crazy Book Obsession, Book Babes Unite, and more... for a scavenger hunt! 

WTF is a Book scavenger hunt? Let me explain it to you!

Each day, the blogs on the "stops" will be featuring a BRAND NEW TEASER from Hers, quotes, pictures, and all. This will be accompanied by some awesome links (including the link to add Hers to your TBR list on Goodreads!)  and a giveaway! 

Advanced copies of hers, signed paperbacks, swag, bookmarks, gift cards... everything you guys love to win!  

To be sure you keep your eyes open on my fan page, because all the details will be there!

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  1. They will love it as much as I did! You, Dawn Robertson, are a very talented writer who writes awesome characters that are easy to fall in love with.